Project Bike: I got a new Bicycle

I just bought a new (to me) bicycle, an old-ish Dawes Super Galaxy.

Dawes Super Galaxy

It is in reasonably good condition, but has two issues that are immediately obvious:

  • The frame has a number of scratches, chipped paint and light surface rust all over as well as a small dent on the top tube.
Chipped paint on the top tube
  • The bottom bracket has plastic retaining rings. These have a reputation for breaking when you attempt to remove them.
Left bottom bracket cup (plastic)

It came with front and rear racks, mudguards and mostly Shimano Deore LX components.

There is a list of things to do on this bike sooner or later, each of which will become the topic of an article. These are quite urgent:

  1. There is slop in the cantilever bosses. Either the bosses or the brakes are worn down. This causes excessive brake squeal, especially at the rear. This will either need to be shimmed, or the brakes need to be replaced.
  2. Buy a frame pump that fits this frame. I have no way of pumping up the tires in the event of a flat at the moment.
  3. Buy a slightly longer seat post. The current saddle height is within an inch or so of comfortable. I cannot adjust it higher with the stock seat post.
  4. Remove surface rust, prime, paint and clear coat the chipped areas.

These are not so urgent. The bike will continue to ride without any of these being done, but it would make life more pleasant.

  • Buy and fit a kickstand! I didn't think the lack of kickstand would bother me, but oh my god does it bother me.
  • Clean and repack the hub and headset bearings. This is not very urgent.
  • Replace chain and cassette.
  • Try to remove and replace the bottom bracket, something with metal retaining rings. The bearings are fine for now, but the sooner I attempt to remove the plastic lock rings the better the chance that they will come loose without snapping.
  • Replace cables and bar tape. The cable housings are too long, and the bar tape is starting to fall apart.
  • Buy a longer handlebar stem.